file_struct Struct Reference

#include <redchi.h>

Detailed Description

stores file data/information

NOTE: requires C++ calls to alloc/dealloc
Most of the values here are primarily used by PDB files.

Data Fields

gchar * filename
 filename (or space separated list of files)
gint type
 file type (enum - see redchi.h)
gboolean read_in
 is the file read in?
CMMDBManager mmdb
GHashTable * shift_table
 lookup table for shift_struct
gint shift_len
 length of shift vector
gsl_vector * shift_vector
 shifts for each parameter
gint hndl
 save a MMDB file hndl
gint udd_shift
 the UDD integer storing the shift values
gchar * selection
 initial file selection

Field Documentation

CMMDBManager file_struct::mmdb

MMDB data - see: for details

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